Pupil Transportation section at the Oregon Department of Education has resources and training options available for both adult crossing guards and student safety patrol. Also check out this video produced by ODE
Crossing Guard   School Patrol
Most states and some Oregon School Districts have local resources that can be valuable to specific jurisdictions. A non-local but valuable website with several resources that can be used with minor alterations is produced by New Jersey Safe Routes to School Resource Center. Of particular interest was their Tip Sheet on Crossing Procedures that anyone can use as we walk and cross streets with others. 

Some schools have volunteer crossing guards and walk leaders. We produced an instruction guide to help, or ask for training.

In addition to the resources on their website, New Jersey's SRTS Program produced this cool Crossing Guard Training Video.

Regardless of whether crossing guards are police or school district employees, this webinar will present examples of city and school district collaboration, and provide ideas for how to address common challenges such as training, staffing shortages and selection of crossing guard locations.


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