What do we mean by equity?  Equity recognizes that different people have different barriers to living healthy, fulfilled lives.  In order to allow people to get to the same outcome, we need to understand the different barriers and opportunities that affect different groups, and craft our policies, programs, and overall approaches with those various challenges and needs in mind.

Equity needs to be built into each aspect of a comprehensive Safe Routes to School initiative.  Each E needs to include equity in its analysis and action items.  But equity also needs to be considered separately to ensure that the overall effects of individual considerations are adding up to a meaningful and sufficient investment in the safety and health of low-income students, students of color, students with physical challenges and others. 

Equity is the "newest" E and we're learning how best to ensure equity is addressed in all E's. More to come! The Safe Routes to School National Partnership has a valuable blog post to help us start the conversation.

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