Bonny Slope was first opened in 2008. The school is located on NW McDaniel, a busy, narrow, no shoulder road with few paths or sidewalks. The area has a mix of new & old developments with many still being built. Most have fenced type communities opening to McDaniel and only one has a connecting path that currently can lead to school property. The entrance/exit for vehicle traffic is on NW McDaniel. Approximately 50% students live north and west of the school.  

Bonny Slope Elementary completed their first Action Plan in 2010. A Preferred Travel Route Map was developed in 2012, updated in 2015 and their Arrival/ Departure Map was updated in 2015.

Initially, the The Arrival/ Departure procedure worked well with separation of buses, family vehicles and walkers/ bikers. With increased population, the procedure for family vehicle pick up was getting dangerous for all travel modes including traffic on McDaniel. In 2015, a team representing the school, school district, Washington County Sheriff and Transportation Departments proposed a solution.

Understanding that people who walk, bike or take the bus have priority, the Bonny Slope Team decided to separate the bus departure time and the family vehicle pick up time, and use the same space, which is twice as long as the original pick up area in parking lot. If parents wish to pick up students at dismissal time, they must park and meet students in lobby. Parent who wish to pick up students valet style, must wait until 3:20, when all buses have departed, to enter bus loop. 

Preferred Route Map          AM/ Arrival Map        PM/ Departure Map

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