Oak Hills Elementary is in Washington County in CPO 7. The school has students attending from the immediate neighborhood and from across Bethany Boulevard. Bethany Blvd has been recently upgraded to 4 lanes plus a turning lane, sidewalks plus bike lanes. The intersection crossing Bethany leading to the school is now fully engineered and has two crossing guards. 356 students lost bus service when the district reviewed the school's supplemental plan and determined this crossing acceptable for elementary students.

The school completed an Action Plan in 2013 and used it to apply for additional bike racks. Even with the new racks, they are still overflowing! The school's SRTS team updated their Action Plan in 2016 and prioritized programs and projects to get their event day participation rate from 50%- 75%.

They developed preferred walking and biking maps in 2012, including arrival/ departure maps and updated those in 2015 to reflect elimination of the buses and to help the families now walking or biking. The school is looking to prioritize walking/ biking and busing and hoping to decrease single passenger trips to school to alleviate the clogged parking lot.

2016 Action Plan

2013 Action Plan

Preferred Walk/Bike Map                        Arrival/ Departure Plan

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