Sexton Mountain is located on SW 155th Ave in Beaverton. 155th has sidewalks and bike lanes on both sides from SW Hart south to SW Nora/ SW Beard, but are lacking in several other areas. Students are scattered relatively evenly throughout the attendance area and 5 school buses serve the school.  

Sexton Mountain completed their first Action Plan in 2010 and the preferred travel map and arrival departure maps were produced in 2012. The school's SRTS team updated their action plan in 2016 and prioritized projects and activities to work on to increaase walking and biking to school on a regular basis. 

Sexton Mountain started a Walking School bus program in 2011 and has been walking every Thursday since then. On some days there can be over 100 walkers on “The Bus” and up to 70% of the students participating on event days. There are now two Walking Bus Routes.   Biking to Sexton Mountain is also popular and safety of all modes is promoted throughout the year.

2016 Action Plan

2010 Action Plan

Preferred Walk/Bike Map                       Arrival/ Departure Plan

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