Safe Routes to School (SRTS) is all about creating safe, convenient, and fun opportunities for children to walk, bicycle and bus to and from schools. Beaverton School District has created a recognition program to celebrate a school's SRTS progress.  We want to share best practices, examples and resources so more schools, families and students can experience the benefits that come from a comprehensive Safe Routes to School program.

First Step

  • Identify a SRTS contact, send contact info to District Coordinator annually. 

Bronze Level

  • Meet the First Step requirements
  • Hold at least one walk/bike education or encouragement event per school year 
  • Put one safety tip on the school website and school handbook (see Newsletters for ideas)
  • Publicize SRTS commitment on school website
  • Collect student travel information each year 

Silver Level

Gold Level

  • Meet the Silver requirements
  • Hold ongoing active travel encouragement program at least monthly
  • Provide multi-day walking or biking education every school year
  • Develop School Action Plan and post on the website
  • Map safe routes and post on the school website
  • Adopt a supportive policy (statement of support for walking, biking, and skating) and promote it to parents and post it on the school website)

Platinum Level

  • Meet the Gold requirements
  • Provide annual in-class multi-day bicycle and pedestrian education
  • Include a SRTS position in the PTA/PTO/parent organization
  • Start or continue a student or parent SRTS club/committee
  • Host a student-led event or activity each year
  • Designate an annual budget (PTO) for SRTS activities

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